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Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association Inc.

“Everything is going well; love seeing a logo specific to WI to help consumers identify buying local.”

WisMade LLC    

“I think that it is a great program to have as a source where artisans throughout the state can have to promote their business.”

Cooks' Woods

“SSFW provides well timed media exposure that many of us small businesses just cannot cash flow.  That 'top of mind' experience is really important to a seasonal business such as ours.”

Wisconsin Beef Council 

“Holiday campaign is great.  Great to provide the exhibit opportunities at various shows”

Baxter's Hollow Blends LLC

“We've always enjoyed the program and appreciated the feedback and help from its professionals.  We're glad to be part of promoting Wisconsin products.  Thank you.”

CJ's Premium Spices LLC

“This is a great program in support of WI business. Being a member has allowed our company to be part of larger events and get recognition. Thank you!!”

Tingley Soap Company LLC

“I love having the label on my products!”

Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery

“I think the program brings great attention to products produced in Wisconsin”

Timber Hill Winery

“Being a part of this program is a wonderful opportunity to showcase amazing local businesses.”

The Big Band Reunion ~ The Little Big Band

“Your identity is recognized and acknowledged in stores and businesses.  We feel it is a Great Program acknowledging and associating with a 'Pride in Wisconsin' movement continuing in 2021 and into 2022.”

CH Agricultural Technical LLC  

“The program greatly adds to our reputation in the market.”

Northwoods Maple Farm LLC

“We really appreciate the connection with other businesses who focus on the things we want to focus on.” LLC

“I really like your emails about grants that help farms - they helped me a lot last year and I can really thank you for that - I hope I can make some products in the future and get your stickers on them”

Schierl Brand Solutions DBA Schierl Brothers Northern Oasis Spirits

“There is good value in a recognizable logo - the Something Special from Wisconsin logo really helps set Wisconsin brands apart from others. It also helps shop owners easily identify local brands when creating special product displays that feature Wisconsin-owned businesses.”

Jackson and Louie's Sweet Shop LLC

“Being a member of this Gold Standard is such an honor. We at Jackson & Louie's Sweet Shop are extremely appreciative of all the hard work that you do!”

Miller Organics LLC/ DBA QUEEN B

“We have definitely noticed an increase in traffic to our website and particularly purchases from Wisconsinites.”

Cultivate Taste LLC

“I am l glad to be Wisconsin made”

Behnke's Grass Fed Beef & Pasture Pork LLC

“If we have the same product for sale, one with a SSfW sticker and one without, 100% of the time customers will pick the one with the SSfW sticker.”